The perfect Espresso

Strong black coffee made by forcing steam through ground coffee beans.

So its a well known “fact” that I am a huge…huge coffee lover…
But to make the perfect cup its important to get the basic espresso shot perfect…every single time!
Its no science but yes there are some key points that one has to keep in mind to get it perfect without much effort!
So here are those points
1. Use good quality coffee beans!
2. Fresher the ground coffee the better!
3. The coffee machine should be cleaned properly after every use to avoid any residue deposition which might alter the taste of your coffee.
4. Store your coffee beans/ ground coffee in a cool place in an airtight container!
5.Lastly,use a coffee tamper to press the coffee before brewing to get an intense flavour! ( as I don’t have a tamper I use a marble pestle)

Once you keep these in mind you will get the perfect frothy espresso…
Well you might wonder why I said”frothy”?? Yes…frothy…. When you keep in mind the above points and your coffee is fresh, the brew will form a nice layer of foam on top! The froth denotes a perfect brew!

All that is left to do after this is to just use your coffee machine as per its instructions…thats it…


For 2 shots of espresso
2 tbsp ground coffee
Water as per coffee machine instructions

How to make it
Fill your coffee machine with water….Duh…quite obvious!

The important trick is to fill your coffee correctly…

When you fill the coffee in the cup, slightly press with the tamper to compress the coffee and get a smooth clean surface!

All that needs to be done next..well…will be done by your coffee maker….

Enjoy your espresso!!

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